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Renée Killian-Dawson

Renée Killian-Dawson

Trained in the arts and ceaseless travel, after a foundation in architecture and classical civilization at the University of Illinois, Renée earned her design stripes whilst writing features for magazines such as British Country Living and restoring her own historic houses. She worked briefly for a traditional interior design firm, then took on a friend’s Regency house in London. Since then, over a decade later, she has completed residential and commercial projects in the States, Europe and the UK. Over the last year she’s worked on a Michelin Star restaurant design, a four storey London house, a Chelsea lateral conversion and several country houses in the South East of England. Stateside she is looking at projects on both coasts. She’s often found on site with a paintbrush in hand, her Joseph trousers perilously close to disaster. But it makes her happy so the rest of us turn a blind eye.

“I was astounded when I first walked into Mugdock Castle. The interior was totally unique - cozy in some rooms, spare and gorgeous in others, everywhere very chic, and almost fairyland like, from another world but so beautiful that I wished I could buy yet another house and start with Renée.
“This is a woman with a beautiful vision, but does not impose the one look for all her projects on each client. I imagine living in one of her interiors would help one live a more ordered, organized, restful and lovely life.”

Suzanne Pollak, author, design connoisseur
and partner of developer Peter Pollak

Robert Killian-Dawson

With a background in advertising for multinational clients and journalism, Robert oversees marketing and operations. His photographs uniquely convey the feel of interiors we create, partly because he is involved in the overall design process and because he understands the underpinning of Renée’s creative impetus. Brought up in Europe and South East Asia, with a degree in Politics and Culture, his world view embraces many cultural and social influences. He has a weakness for Swiss chocolate and tailored suits, and complains he is no longer impeccably dressed now he has three young children. We suspect he never really was.