Killian-Dawson Interior Decorating and Design

Elegant, unusual and one off fabrics, hand-sewn curtains, surprising and original architectural details, warm and welcoming rooms that beckon, and precious antiques one simply can’t resist for their beauty and history.

Sourcing worldwide, our work spans time and place to embrace listed buildings, plantations and estates, boutique hotels, unabashedly contemporary houses, cottages steeped in historical reference, homes that defy convention.

One element remains constant in all the work we do, and that is relationship. Relationship to the environment, relationship of the perfect antique or hand-crafted piece to the right place, relationship to the people with whom we work. We come to each project with a fresh eye, ready to create the ultimate expression of our clients’ dreams.

“Renée’s interiors exude a comfortable and liveable atmosphere. They complement the architecture and the lives of the people who use them.”

Professor Robert Adam, Founder and Director, Adam Architecture